Club Ladder

Ladder competition

We are adding both a male and female Tennis Ladder for the club this year. The goal of this is to encourage games to be played and for the integration of seniors and juniors in the club.

To be a part of the ladder we need you to download the app “Laddercompetition” or go online 

Fill out the profile page, then search for a competition by using zip code (8081). 

If you are a male please join “Redcliffs Tennis Ladder-Male” and if a female please join “Redcliffs Tennis Ladder-Female”.

We have had a minor issue being that the apps rule is that you must be a minimum of 13 years old. If you are under 13 to bypass this please say you are 13 when filling out the profile as we welcome all ages.

Please share the news of this app and let your tennis buddies know about it so we can have some good friendly rivalry!